MariJo Moore, of Cherokee, Irish and Dutch ancestry is an author/ artist/ poet/ essayist/ lecturer/ editor/ anthologist/ publisher/ workshop presenter/ spiritual advisor/medium.

Her published works include:

Forgiveness Workshop

The Path to the Root of Forgiveness

Why do we not forgive? What is under the non-forgiveness? Hurt, anger, fear, frustration, a belief of unworthiness? Is  there a deeper reason?
There are many ways to work toward forgiveness, but unless we know the root cause of why we cannot forgive, we can never fully let go. In this experiential gathering/workshop, Ms. Moore will offer spiritual help in determining each participant’s understanding of why it is so hard to forgive another as well as one's self. Once root cause is understood, guidance to a ceremony, which will help to heal all concerned, will be given.

Saturday August 6, 2016, 10-5 PM
Comfort Suites at Biltmore Square
890 Brevard Road Asheville, NC 28806
Cost $155.00 (inlcudes all supplies)
Last day to pay and register, July 12, 2016
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